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A Spring Photo

Posted in Nature, Photography with tags , , on March 31, 2010 by thomasrtucker

I took the opportunity to photograph a daffodil growing in our front yard. Not the best photo in the world but it offers a look at spring.
Spring Daffodil

Going Pro?

Posted in education, Photography with tags , on March 29, 2010 by thomasrtucker

A new resource is available that so far, seems to be a great source for those considering going pro. The site is and is co-founded by Scott Bourne and Skip Cohen. Like I said, it’s new but there is already some great material there. Stop by and check it out.

Thought For The Day – Share the knowledge

Posted in Photography on March 23, 2010 by thomasrtucker

Photography is about sharing. For me, it’s not just about sharing the images I make but it’s also about sharing what I learn. If you know me, you know I throw myself at whatever it is that I’m learning / doing.

When I started the transition from film to digital photography last year, I turned to the internet to find many, many resources available to help. From blogs, websites, and podcast, I am still amazed at the people who continuously give to the photographic community. I hope, someday,I have as much to offer.

Correction regarding APC and WHCC gallery wraps

Posted in Photography, Professional Printing with tags , , on March 18, 2010 by thomasrtucker

  It appears I need to make a correction regarding my statement on pricing when comparing my gallery wraps. First, I was not comparing apples-to-apples and that was my mistake. If comparing price lists side-by-side, APC’s list price is actually less than WHCC’s list price for the 8×8 gallery wrap. Actually, in this case, APC appears to be $10.00+ less than WHCC. However, shipping from APC cancels the savings. So, in the end it’s a wash.

I point this out since I want to be fair and give everybody credit where credit is due. Both companies offer outstanding products and you will be happy with either. I do like the special techniques and finishing options APC offers. And, as I said before, If there were a need for the special techniques or finishing options I would not hesitate to purchase from APC (and probably will).

Another Gallery Wrap

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I received my first gallery wrap from Artistic Photo Canvas ( today and I’m equally impressed with it as I was with the wrap from An option APC offers that WHCC didn’t was the “mirror edges” technique. What this does is give you the cool gallery wrap look where image wraps around the sides without losing any of the photo. I understand this won’t be a good fit for all photos but, in this case, it worked out very well.

APC also offers a large selection of techniques they can apply to a photo. I have not tried any of the techniques yet but they do look interesting. Some of the techniques include oil paint, dreamscape, and convert to black and white.

Now for the bad news. Although APC offers a great product, comparing the price of APC to WHCC, WHCC wins. Throw in the fact that WHCC includes the “ready to hang,” wire installed option and I’m sold. Does this mean I won’t use APC again? no. I’m sure if the unique product fit the need then I would order from them again. I just wish their prices were little less.

Tribute to Route 66 Gallery Wrap


Posted in Art Contest, Art Show, Photography on March 16, 2010 by thomasrtucker

I am so excited. I opened my email this morning to find one of my pieces was selected for the 2010 National Juried exhibition – Oklahoma Friendly. The call for artist was nationwide and they received over 575 entries. Of the 575, only 107 were accepted for the show.

This year’s show will open on April 17th and be on display at IAO Gallery, 706 W. Sheridan in downtown Oklahoma City.

The work that has been accepted into the show will be judged by Mitch Lyons, of New London, Pennsylvania. Mitch is known for his pioneering work and techniques in monoprinting.

More information is available here:

Here is the selected photo:

Spring Break Project

Posted in Adobe Lightroom, Photography on March 14, 2010 by thomasrtucker

Now that spring break is here and my 13-year-old son, like so many others, has a week to kill with nothing to do. Last year, we purchased him a camera for his birthday since he seemed interested in photography. So, I assigned him a week-long project. No rules really, just trying to give him some purpose this week. Additionally, I handed him the mouse, computer, and my Lightroom 2 book.

One of my joys in photography is sharing my knowledge. Not that I know everything but I’ve learned a lot. It’s always interesting to see the perspective of another person.

I’ll post updates as the week and project progresses.

The Show Must Go On

Posted in Art Show, Photography on March 14, 2010 by thomasrtucker

So I had my show Friday in the Plaza District in Oklahoma City. I was very excited to have the opportunity to show again but it was very slow. Between colder than expected weather and the building having never been open before, there was very little traffic.

Oh well, I still had a good time and received some great feedback from those who did stop by.


Posted in Art Show, Photography on March 12, 2010 by thomasrtucker

I found myself hanging my collection of pictures again yesterday for a show. Although I use to dread hanging pictures, I don’t mind it so much anymore. Why? I’ve got a system. Yep, pretty simple too.

I do all my own matting and framing. Since I do all the work, I decided that when I string the wire on my frames, it will be consistent. Since the wire is always in the same place, The height required to hang the photo will always be the same (for each size).

I keep a small notebook with sizes and measurements in my picture hanging toolkit. The only thing that changes is the width, the hight will always remain the same. It’s a simple way to quickly hang pictures.

Red Dirt Art Festival – Call for Artist

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April 16th and 17th, downtown Enid


Eagle Marketing is proud to be co-sponsoring this show with the Greater Enid Arts and Humanities Council.

We’ll have $500 in prize money for this first year event. Email for application and artist’s agreement. We would like to thank Shane and Sara Scribner for their assistance in networking the Red Dirt Arts Festival with their extended artistic family. The event is part of the Robert’s Ranch Smokin’ Red Dirt BBQ and Main Street Jazz Stroll which already brings thousands of individuals into downtown Enid. We’ll also be accessing lists of some of our local artists’ patrons/buyers to invite individuals who have shown a propensity to invest in art.