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Full Cylinders

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Full Cylinders is an example of urban decay found at the abandoned “haunted” hospital in historic Guthrie, OK.

Internet Marketing for Photographers

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As an emerging photographer and technology professional, I love the resources we have available today to help with our chosen hobby / profession. As I have stated before, I am addicted to podcasts. One podcast in particular, This Week in Photography, is like a drug to me. I can’t get enough. The latest episode (#145 Tag – You’re IT!) opened my closed eyes to Internet and social marketing.

Sure, I blog, I use Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. I love this stuff and use it daily. As I recently discovered, simply “using” social media is not enough. Social media is a tool and just like any other tool, if trained and used properly, can produce much better results.

Do yourself a favor, download TWIP episode #145 and listen to the guest interview with John P. I won’t go in to all the details; you need to hear this from the source.

Using what I learned yesterday, I can now Google Thomas Tucker and I’m third in the results. Prior to making the suggested changes I did not even show up on the first page of results. It works!

Flowering Sage

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This is a shot of a sage plant in bloom.
Flowering Sage

Elixir Rainbow

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While visiting Guthrie, OK recently I discovered the drug store museum. On the way out the door I discovered a set of old bottles filled with colorful liquid, covered in wonderful light. Here is my image.
Elixir Rainbow

Back from all things April 17th

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Finally, I’m back at it and things have settled down. I’m not sure why but for the last month, everything was to happen on the weekend of April 17th. I’m glad the date has come and gone.

New Tools

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I’m so happy the iPad launched. Am I getting one? I don’t really know. Would I be happy with one? I’m sure I’d love it. What makes me happy is the iPad is just the start. We are going to see a lot of new devices that try to be the “iPad killer”. As a photographer, I really see the benefit of the iPad as a tool, as a digital portfolio. Oh, don’t forget all the cool apps that haven’t even been developed yet.

Is the iPad perfect? I don’t think anything is perfect. While there’s nothing like holding a real photograph in your hand, there’s something to be said for holding thousands. Bring on the iPad killers.

Call for Artist – Button Day

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The Childern’s Center –

An artful approach to unbuttoning the Center’s past

        One hundred years ago this summer, Mattie Mallory, founder of The Children’s Center, enjoyed success through an intriguing fundraiser for children at The Oklahoma Orphanage, which eventually became the Center. Called “Button Day,” Mattie and a dedicated band of women sold pin-back buttons bearing the picture of a baby throughout the business sections of the city.  The event created quite a bustle and ultimately raised $400. That’s $9,300 in today’s dollars!
      The Children’s Center will reprise “Button Day” on by hosting a juried art exhibition showcasing the work of local artists. The button-themed artwork, along with other buttons made by children, will be sold during a family-friendly fundraiser to include food, entertainment, and even a button making booth. Admission is a $5 dollar commemorative button. For more information about this fastenating event, please contact Amy Coldren, special events coordinator at (405) 470-2284  (405) 470-2284 or // <![CDATA[
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June  3 & 4

6:30 – 9:30 p.m.

The Children’s Center- 6800 N.W. 39th Expressway, Bethany, OK  73008

Photo: Turning A New Leaf

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This is a photo of what appears to be a baby maple tree that is coming up in our yard.