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Correction regarding APC and WHCC gallery wraps

Posted in Photography, Professional Printing with tags , , on March 18, 2010 by thomasrtucker

  It appears I need to make a correction regarding my statement on pricing when comparing my gallery wraps. First, I was not comparing apples-to-apples and that was my mistake. If comparing price lists side-by-side, APC’s list price is actually less than WHCC’s list price for the 8×8 gallery wrap. Actually, in this case, APC appears to be $10.00+ less than WHCC. However, shipping from APC cancels the savings. So, in the end it’s a wash.

I point this out since I want to be fair and give everybody credit where credit is due. Both companies offer outstanding products and you will be happy with either. I do like the special techniques and finishing options APC offers. And, as I said before, If there were a need for the special techniques or finishing options I would not hesitate to purchase from APC (and probably will).

Another Gallery Wrap

Posted in Canvas Prints, Photography, Professional Printing with tags , , , on March 18, 2010 by thomasrtucker

I received my first gallery wrap from Artistic Photo Canvas ( today and I’m equally impressed with it as I was with the wrap from An option APC offers that WHCC didn’t was the “mirror edges” technique. What this does is give you the cool gallery wrap look where image wraps around the sides without losing any of the photo. I understand this won’t be a good fit for all photos but, in this case, it worked out very well.

APC also offers a large selection of techniques they can apply to a photo. I have not tried any of the techniques yet but they do look interesting. Some of the techniques include oil paint, dreamscape, and convert to black and white.

Now for the bad news. Although APC offers a great product, comparing the price of APC to WHCC, WHCC wins. Throw in the fact that WHCC includes the “ready to hang,” wire installed option and I’m sold. Does this mean I won’t use APC again? no. I’m sure if the unique product fit the need then I would order from them again. I just wish their prices were little less.

Tribute to Route 66 Gallery Wrap